Bruder means brother and for the founders it was an obvious name to call their new venture. 

Two brothers, Dan and Toby grew up in a world of family-inspired adventure and exploration. From Australia’s vast northern wilderness to the southern ski fields, they honed their camping and exploration skills from a very young age. 

As they grew, so did their appetite for adventure. Their exploration of the great outdoors has taken them to every continent and all climatic conditions.

From North and South America to Africa and the Middle East, from Northern Europe to Asia, the brothers have acquired a unique knowledge and passion for the great outdoors. 

Passion and knowledge combined powerfully when they decided to create the best off-road adventure trailers in the world. Bruder was born. 

From humble beginnings, the creators have forged ahead and integrated new technology with world class design to create unique off-grid off road adventure trailers. 

Limitless passion continues to lead to the development of cutting edge design and exciting opportunities for adventure.


Together with the ongoing development of Bruder trailers, the business now manufactures in two sites based in Brisbane, Australia. 

Advanced manufacturing standards are employed in both and Bruder was one of the first industry participants to receive full industry manufacturing accreditation. 

The Bruder Sales Showroom and Support facility was opened in September 2022. Our Bruder Design Team also operates from this location. 

Our trailers now provide adventure to owners across the globe. From families travelling throughout the Australian wilderness, to adventurous explorers in Angola, Mongolia, USA, South America, Armenia, Iceland, Middle East and Europe, Bruder has created the capability to support owners globally. 

Bruder continues to invest in Research and Development, committed to sustainability and minimising every part of our footprint on the environment.  We want to make sure there is a world to explore for the next generation and beyond.