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The Bruder EXP-4 soaks up bumps, undulations and corrugations like no other off-road trailer. The Bruder suspension truly revolutionises off-road travel and camping; not only can the EXP-4 level out uneven terrain for camping, it can counteract steep side slopes while off-roading. For perfect towing balance, the suspension can also calibrate its ride height to suit a wide range of tow vehicles.

The Bruder EXP-4 is fully engineered: the suspension, the chassis and even the body construction. We use best practise design and engineering principles, regularly overlooked by others in the trailer industry. This includes correct geometry throughout the full range of suspension motion, thereby maximising efficiency of components including all four Bruder-specific remote canister mono tube shock absorbers.

The EXP-4 has nearly triple the adjustable wheel travel of the nearest air suspension system. Our suspension is only available on Bruder expedition trailers and is made from Australian 450 grade high tensile circular hollow section steel and shaped to maximise ground clearance. Our attention to detail and knowledge of off-road environments makes the EXP-4 extremely durable and in maximum height mode its body can achieve over 850mm of clearance.

The EXP-4 incorporates the same technology and design practises we supply commercially to global exploration companies, military groups and humanitarian organisations. We understand how demanding the off-road environment can be so the EXP-4 has been tested for durability in 50c (122f) ambient heat, and incorporates manual override and backup systems to get you through an unlikely worst-case scenario. Although lightweight, the EXP-4 has 2600kg rated axles, ventilated disc brakes for maximum stopping power and can accommodate tyres up to 37inches tall.


The EXP-4 chassis is also completely unique. It is airtight and completely sealed, with no openings for salt, sand or other debris to get caught within it (just like large ships or steel poles that hold up a seaside jetty are sealed). Plus the EXP-4 undercarriage has rear recovery points and an optional Warn recovery winch. The chassis joins forces with the fully engineered EXP-4 body cell, which is made from lightweight composite material up to 60mm thick – engineered to handle up to 10 times its own weight.

Optimising insulation is key. The EXP-4 body cell has an insulation R-value over 5.1 making it not only the strongest but also the most insulated trailer in its class. Even the main drinking water supplies and all plumbing are kept within the EXP-4 body cell, not outside mounted to the chassis. This means precious water supplies are better protected from damage off-road and prevents freezing in extreme climates.

The EXP-4 body uses a closed cell epoxy bonded composite, which is better insulated and has 20% more tensile strength than commonly used polyester bonds. Unlike so many “composite” trailers that use aluminium foam sandwich panels or honeycomb core panels, our material and construction methods are both stronger and more insulated. Our composite construction improves insulation by preventing pathways for heat or ice to migrate to the interior. 

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Inside the EXP-4 is first-class comfort. Sleep in bliss even if it is snowing, raining or storming. With a hugely spacious 6ft wide and 7ft2 long sleeping area, the EXP-4 is supremely comfortable. The interior can be tailored to accommodate young children on a 1.8m bed that doesn’t impact the use of the main sleeping area. No setup, no pack up – the EXP-4 bed is always ready and level regardless of the terrain.

With an insulation R-value over 5.1 you’re better protected from heat or cold, plus climate control air-conditioning or interior heating can be added. The EXP-4 can be fully closed with blinds shut for those who like to sleep in absolute darkness, or the windows can be opened with pull down insect mesh allowing you to enjoy tremendous views, with protection. Or relax with both doors completely open. It’s your choice on how you’d like to experience nature.

Careful consideration in the design allows for a huge sense of space as well as creature comforts. Internal USB charging outlets and LED lights are conveniently located, along with three huge storage shelves and even dedicated hanging space for clothing.

The Bruder EXP-4 makes it easy to travel and explore your favourite destinations in supreme comfort and security. Entry and exit is made easy for the tall or short, with up to 12inches of adjustment. Rest easy with the added protection and safety of knowing you have the strongest engineered composite body all around you. The EXP-4 can also be slept in discreetly when fully closed, giving outsiders no clue that you maybe within it. In environments with dangerous animals, or just for a road-side stop, the ability to sleep locked safely within can be of great security to many travellers.

The EXP-4 sleeping area can accomodate two adults and three young children. For larger families the EXP-4 roof is engineered to accommodate virtually any roof-top tent on the market.

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Storage is no problem with the EXP-4 – there is a place for everything, and everything has a place. And because your bedding, clothing, food and camping equipment all have dedicated storage areas within the EXP-4, the entire external body is free to carry any additional 4×4 accessories or adventure equipment.

Safety and security of occupants and equipment is paramount; the EXP-4 can hold an enormous amount of equipment without any visual clue externally of what is on-board – even the spare wheel is tucked away safely underneath the body making it almost invisible. On both sides of the EXP-4 are two large lockable storage areas that each easily hold 3 jerry cans (6 total). Or external body mounted jerry can holders can be fitted, leaving these storage locations available to hold any bulky equipment. The exterior can also be fitted with mounts for items such as an axe, spade, 4×4 recovery tracks or a body-mounted satellite antenna. A carbon fibre roof mounted filtration system is also available and designed to keep the cabin pressurized during dusty travel.

The EXP-4 roof is free for additional storage and can be fitted with a variety of rooftop tents to accommodate large families. If a roof-top tent is fitted, it too will benefit from the EXP-4’s unique ability to level almost any terrain. The entire roof of the EXP-4 can also be used for carrying other items like pushbikes, surfboards, snowboards or skies, and its ability to raise or lower up to 12inches makes accessing items far more convenient.

Both sides of the EXP-4 can be fitted with either manual or electric awnings of different makes and styles including privacy booths for both sides. Plus the EXP-4 has a built-in shower system as well as storage compartments to house a portable toilet system.

At the rear of the EXP-4 are 2x recovery points and an optional, discreetly mounted Warn electric recovery winch. For off-road adventures, a permanent rear recovery winch can be of real assistance for helping others out of sticky situations



Camping has never been so easy and convenient. The EXP-4 kitchen is homelike in function and covers the full width and height of the EXP-4 body. Made entirely from composite, the kitchen area is lightweight, extremely durable, waterproof and easy to keep clean. There is generous storage for food and pantry items along with space for cooking utensils, plates and cutlery. There is also a huge bench top, which makes food preparation convenient and enjoyable due to always being level and at your chosen height. Wash-up is made easy with a conveniently located stainless steel basin and swivel tap.

The kitchen incorporates soft close drawers and stainless steel latches throughout. The EXP-4 has a 60L fridge and can accommodate a wide variety of cooktops such as gas, diesel and induction, and has ample space for larger portable BBQs.

The EXP-4 is all about taking the stress out of camping, so there is no heavy slide-out kitchen to pull in or out. Instead, we opted for the ease and convenience of an always-accessible kitchen area that is instantly protected and covered. The kitchen door of the EXP-4 doubles as a roof when open, covering you and the entire kitchen area. No need to look for level ground or shade under a tree, the EXP-4 creates both for you.

The EXP-4 also comes pre-equipped with a discreetly mounted built-in shower system. Located nearby is also a large storage locker – which can easily accommodate a variety of portable toilet systems. Both sides of the EXP-4 can be fully enclosed with privacy walls to suit your chosen awning system plus privacy booths, which are available for the shower area.

Rather than offering only one awning type, clients can choose an awning that best suits their needs. From fully electric remote-controlled, to batwing walk around or generic pull out types any awning can easily be accommodated on the EXP-4.




If towing performance is important to you, then the EXP-4 is an expedition trailer that you can point at the horizon and say to yourself, “where we’re going, we don’t need roads”.

We take design seriously, and that means designing and engineering everything from the ground up for the ultimate towing performance. Perfectly balanced and precisely measured, the EXP-4 doesn’t hinder the tow vehicle’s natural abilities. The EXP-4 doesn’t buck, jolt or bounce around off-road – rather it soaks up undulations and remains in complete control.

Measurements between tow points, wheelbase and drawbar length on the EXP-4 have been designed with precision. Bruder takes off-road nimbleness to even greater levels with our patented suspension, providing the ability to lean away, lower or rise up to 12inches to avoid obstacles such as overhanging trees. In addition, the EXP-4 can achieve 90° turning angles behind popular tow vehicles, and tow vehicles with sharp turning capabilities can perform full-lock turns without jack-knifing.

We see the EXP-4 as the first in a new breed of performance trailer. We have gone to great lengths to bridge the gap between trailer performance over undulating terrain and that of performance 4x4s. The EXP-4 has ventilated disc brakes (not drum) as standard and up to 12”inches of adjustable wheel travel allowing it to maintain ground contact as well as, or better than, many tow vehicles.

The EXP-4 body shape has also been aerodynamically assessed behind a wide range of tow vehicles to maximise efficiency. The tapered rear shape of the EXP-4 is significantly more efficient than flat straight designs commonly seen in camper trailers and caravans. The EXP-4 further improves towing performance by calibrating suspension height to sit level behind a wide range of tow vehicles.

Regardless of whether your tow vehicle is small, large, standard or modified, the EXP-4 can adapt to suit.

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Axle Capacity


Departure Angle

42 degrees

Body Length


Total Length


Ground Clearance


Max Tyre Size


Max Height


Low Height


Body Width


Wheel Track


Insulation R-value

Over 5.1

Water Capacity

100L Internal body tank

* Weight can fluctuate depending on options and build selected. Each build is individually weighed. 


Air-tight & sealed (no holes) painted black 125mm x 75mm with 2x recovery points and optional warn winch.


Bruder designed, 12-inch adjustable wheel travel, 450 grade high tensile circular hollow section tapered suspension arms, 4x Bruder specific remote canister rose joint mono tube shock absorbers.


Engineered epoxy-bonded closed cell composite up to 60mm thick with no pathway in construction for insulation leakage.