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Managing our environmental footprint

Core to Bruder’s values is our commitment to minimise our environmental footprint, and to protect and respect this amazing world we live in. We focus not only on the need for sustainable construction, but also on designing and producing products that have minimal impact when in use. 

By using eco-friendly technology in both research and production, we increase safety in the workplace plus protect communities and the environment. Trailers are self-sustaining and self-contained, ensuring minimal external impact. 

All Bruder trailers feature a unique suspension system which provides a plush-ride quality, therefore placing reduced impact on the ground. We also use recycled PET cores in aspects of our composite body designs which are constructed from 100% recycled products.  

“At Bruder we never stop developing - It is paramount we do this in order to produce both the most advanced but also most reliable expedition TRAILER available”

- co founder Daniel Bosschieter.