To the extreme




Extensive testing

Bruder trailers are designed, engineered, and tested like no other. Proudly created from the ground up in Australia – it is the passion, engineering and patented designs that make Bruder trailers so unique.  

Tested globally across six continents over a 7year period and hundreds of thousands of kilometres. From -30c temperatures and altitudes over 12,000ft to over 50c temperatures on the hottest areas on the planet.  

For testing purposes, Bruder goes the extra mile in search of the roughest corrugations and undulations imaginable. 

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) shows how both the Bruder suspension and chassis designs are capable of handling forces well over five times the maximum weight of a Bruder trailer for millions of cycles – this exceeds all international and Australian strength design requirements. It is so strong, in an emergency situation the EXP-6 & EXP-8 can even raise a wheel front or rear.  

What’s more, the patented suspension has 12inches of adjustable wheel travel. With just the press of a button from the comfort of your vehicle the Bruder patented design can level out terrains or sloping camping spots that other trailer designs could only dream of.  

It is just some of the reasons why Bruder is trusted by military groups and some of the largest exploration companies on earth to transport sensitive equipment across harsh environments.  

“At Bruder we never stop developing - It is paramount we do this in order to produce both the most advanced but also most reliable expedition TRAILER available”

- co founder Daniel Bosschieter.