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our story

Bruder means brother. Brothers and co-founders, Dan and Toby have spent their entire lives exploring the remotest parts of Australia and the world. 

Their passion for adventure well away from the beaten track produced a desire to create the best off-road experience, which led to them designing the iconic series of Bruder off-road vehicles. Never ones to take the easy road, their intimate knowledge of outdoor exploration and off-road experience means their passion shines through in every Bruder design. 

Bruder’s mission is to help you go where others cannot. 


Australian made globally driven

A well-known international adventure brand, Bruder builds its trailers in Australia and exports to clients around the world. 

Tough testing in extreme environments means no matter where you like to explore, Bruder can build a trailer to meet your needs.

With a growing family of international owners, acquiring a Bruder means you will join an exclusive family of like-minded adventurers. 

Your Bruder is one of the best investments you can make towards your dream of complete freedom to explore.

Each Bruder trailer is engineered with meticulous attention to detail to make your journeys as smooth, comfortable, and enjoyable as they can be.

Bruder’s mission is to help you go where others cannot. Backed by the unique Bruder legacy, patented design and suspension, you can explore our wonderful world in your own way, at your own pace and in your own style.


Chassis & Suspension

Bruder’s innovating contoured chassis is engineered to withstand over 11 times its own weight. Analysis has shown how Bruder chassis designs can handle well over 5 times their maximum loaded weight for millions of cycles.

Coupled with Bruder’s patented suspension system with over 12 inches of wheel travel, you will enjoy ample buffer for your explorations, from a quick camping escape with the family to an extreme off-road adventure. 



Bruders panels are specifically designed for application and location in the body. Cores and laminates are chosen to provide superior levels of ruggedness, thermal, or acoustical insulating properties and weight savings.

Our cores and laminates are co-cured in a hot press which consolidates the laminate under pressure increasing the fibre volume and therefore the strength and optimisation of weight savings of the finished body. 

The Bruder body’s overall stance and dimensions are streamlined to produce less drag. At less than 2m wide they can fit down narrow tracks and trails, unlike most off-road trailers.

This streamlined design maximised efficiency and the fuel economy of the tow vehicle. 


Extreme testing

We know first-hand how rough off-roading can be, how hot the desert sun can be, how low temperatures can drop, and the challenges of being above 10,000ft. 

That’s why every Bruder has undergone thousands of kilometres of testing and trials, in climates and terrains very few will experience. It’s why its suspension is designed to handle rough corrugations like no other, and why only the highest quality components and equipment are specified and installed properly for years of reliable service in extreme conditions. 

It is a privilege for our knowledge and experience to be passed on through Bruder’s engineering and test team to you as exploration trailers that can be enjoyed in all environments in absolute comfort. 



A signature part of the Bruder experience is to build your trailer to reflect your style of adventure.

You will be able to choose from a selection of exacting interior and exterior finishes and accessories, working closely with your Customer Manager to ensure your trailer is built to meet your needs.


You will spend a lot of time inside your Bruder, so you’ll be glad to know that the interior of each trailer has been designed to make you as comfortable as possible. Offering hand-picked, luxurious leather, superbly designed and crafted cabinetry, along with functionality that delivers clever, efficient use of space, each trailer is a pleasure to occupy.


Bruder’s exterior colour palette draws inspiration from the places you love to explore. Like iconic grey, which blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Or sandy taupe, inspired by the deserts that offer you the ultimate in adventure. Of course, you can always choose your own*.

*Bespoke colours available at additional cost.


Intuitive technology means that you control your Bruder at the touch of a button on your smartphone, making off-road exploring manageable in a way never available before.



TARE:950KG / 2094 Lbs*
ATM:1850KG / 4078 Lbs
BODY LENGTH:4027mm / 13.2 ft
Total length:4995mm / 16.38 ft
Body width:1963mm / 6.44 ft

* Weight fluctuates up/down depending on options and build selected.


TARE:2200KG / 4850 Lbs*
ATM:3100KG / 6834 Lbs
BODY LENGTH:5000mm / 16.4 ft
Total length:6723mm / 22.05 ft
Body width:1920mm / 6.30 ft

* Weight fluctuates up/down depending on options and build selected.


TARE:2700KG / 5852 Lbs*
ATM:3500KG / 7716 Lbs
BODY LENGTH:5850mm / 19.19 ft
Total length:6840mm / 22.44 ft
Body width:2150mm / 7.05 ft

* Weight fluctuates up/down depending on options and build selected.

Due to the nature of manufacturing any advertised weights and figures may change from the current stated and advertised amounts. Pricing and weights on all advertised details are current at time of publication but may alter at any time forthwith. Any photographs are indicative only. Changes may be made during the development. Fittings and specifications are subject to change without notice. Fittings and finishes are subject to availability and vendor discretion. The information contained herein is believed to be correct but is not guaranteed. Prospective purchasers should make and must rely on their own enquiries. This brochure is a guide only and does not constitute an offer or contract.

Have any questions? Reach out to the team [email protected]


SLEEPS 2 + rooftop tent 2 + 4 PT | 2+2 GT 2+3
SOLAR 400 W 1245 w 1690 W
BATTERY 200 AMP 10 KwH 20 KwH
WATER 200L 280L 300L
KITCHEN Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
SHOWER Outdoor Indoor Indoor
WEIGHT 1050kg 2700kg 2700kg

* Weight can fluctuate depending on options and build selected. Each build is individually weighed.