Bruder Innovation Month: Toy Hauler Concepts

Welcome back to Bruder Innovation Month, where we continue to explore groundbreaking design that redefine the world of expedition vehicles.

In this second instalment, we’re thrilled to introduce three visionary toy haulers, all featuring Bruder’s patented chassis and suspension system. Each of these cutting-edge concepts not only promises to elevate your off-road adventures but also embodies the spirit of innovation that defines Bruder. See below where we have had a deep dive into the Bruder archive, at previous renders and ideas from the design team. 

Freedom Beyond Boundaries

Our first concept toy hauler is a game-changer for thrill-seekers who crave the remotest corners of the earth. Imagine having the freedom to explore uncharted territories on your motorbike or ATV, and when you find that perfect spot, the adventure doesn’t end there. Bruder’s off-road explorer comes equipped with a groundbreaking feature – an air drone. Once you’ve ventured away from the toy hauler’s base, you can summon the drone, which will deliver a tent and essential supplies to your remote location. Now, you can camp in places you never thought possible, truly embracing the spirit of exploration.

Smooth Rides and Onboard Comfort

Our second concept takes a more traditional approach, and features as our main image for this post blending Bruder’s unique suspension system with a standard toy hauler design. This Trailblazer promises the smoothest ride in its class, ensuring your gear stays secure during every off-road escapade. While it’s not ready for production just yet, we can’t help but get excited about the prospect of a Bruder toy hauler that seamlessly combines unparalleled off-road capabilities with comfortable onboard sleeping quarters. Stay tuned, as the Trailblazer is poised to redefine the standard for adventure-ready toy haulers.

Land-Based Adventure Drone

For those who seek a truly futuristic experience, our third concept introduces the drone command module. This innovative toy hauler features a land-based drone, ready to explore the terrain beyond your wildest dreams. Complete with a dedicated command centre and an enclosed 6-wheel drive electric drone, the drone command concept is designed for those who want to push the limits of exploration. With its state-of-the-art technology and off-road prowess, this concept represents the next frontier in exploration vehicles.

As Bruder continues to push the boundaries of innovation, these concept toy haulers showcase the brand’s commitment to providing adventurers with new and exciting ways to explore the world. Stay tuned for more updates throughout Bruder Innovation Month as we dive deeper into the future of expedition vehicles. Adventure awaits, and Bruder is leading the way.

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SLEEPS 2 + rooftop tent 2 + 4 PT | 2+2 GT 2+3
SOLAR 400 W 1245 w 1690 W
BATTERY 200 AMP 10 KwH 20 KwH
WATER 200L 280L 300L
KITCHEN Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
SHOWER Outdoor Indoor Indoor
WEIGHT 1050kg 2700kg 2700kg

* Weight can fluctuate depending on options and build selected. Each build is individually weighed.